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Terms and Conditions

NGĀ AHO SHORTS - Request for Proposals (RFP) invites;

Funding applications from Māori filmmakers to make short films that advocate, elevate or celebrate tangata whenua stories or perspectives.

The deadline for applications is 1pm, Thursday 10 November 2022.

Application to Ngā Aho Shorts

A proposal (PDF preferred), including:

A 2-minute video introducing us to your team and why you want to be part of the Ngā Aho Shorts kaupapa.


A statement, in 35 words or less, that reflects the narrative ‘hook’, premise or essential dramatic dilemma inherent in the proposed short film. This is not a tagline for a movie poster, but rather a one or two-line summary of the film’s essential storyline. Keep in mind that we will publish the title and sometimes the logline of these projects.

Short synopsis

A concise story outline of no more than 200 words. Ideally, it will convey tone & genre, and reflect the key emotional journey of the film. Please note that your synopsis must include the film’s ending.

Detailed narrative outline up to one page OR screenplay.

The narrative outline should touch on every key beat of the story; clearly reflecting the thematic spine of the film.

Te reo, tikanga & te ao Māori outline up to one page.

The narrative outline should explain how the team and the kaupapa incorporates te reo, tikanga and te ao Māori both on and off screen.

Director’s Treatment

A treatment that conveys the director’s stylisic choices for the film. This may include; director’s statement, inspiration, themes, tone and genre, look and feel, costume, locations, sound design, music, comparable titles, approach to working with actors etc. A maximum of 5 pages, with option of additional 5 pages for pictures.

Producer Statement (500 words max)

A brief statement explaining the producer’s vision or connection to the film. This should also mention how the producer aims to complete the film with consideration of elements like VFX, stunts, finance etc.

Writer’s Statement (500 words max)

A brief statement explaining the writer’s inspiration and reflections on the story/script. This can include areas the writer would like to develop further.

Kaitiaki’s Statement (500 words max)

A brief statement explaining the key areas for te reo & tikanga māori and the support that they will provide.

Team Bios

Short bios of 200 words max, highlighting the professional and life experience of the key production team members, containing information relevant to their proposed role.

Production schedule or timeline indicating how the film can be produced to final cut stage from February to mid-June 2023

Please make sure this timeline covers;

  • Your proposed overall production schedule (pre-production and shoot)
  • Your post-production schedule, including three opportunities for our team to review your fully assembled film cuts and provide feedback, and meaningful time in between these for you to implement our feedback.

Audience Engagement and Marketing Plan identifying the audiences for the film, and how the production team plans to engage audiences and promote their film

This should cover target audience, and digital and social media marketing plans. This could also include marketing concepts (key art, sketches, infographics) and information about an Impact Campaign you might be planning to run alongside the distribution of this film.

A full production budget including additional finance (where necessary).

A full script

Please note that if your film is accepted, a final drama or documentary script revision may be required following feedback & development process.

Support Letters

Confirmation of support from mentors, executive producers, third-party finance or additional crew such as editor, production designer, composer etc.

We are looking for proposals for films and film-makers that strive for excellence and proud to represent as part of the alumni of Ngā Aho Shorts.

This Ngā Aho Shorts season is looking to both factual and scripted ideas, open to any genre that may also include live action, animation or a mix of both.

Consider what crafting choices are going to be best for your kaupapa and the audience.

The films might be edgy, enchanting, funny, inspiring, reflective, and experimental and together they will spark ideas, stimulate debate and convey important information.

This season of Ngā Aho Shorts looks to elevate te reo, tikanga & te ao Māori in its stories. Inclusion of these elements are encouraged and fluent film scripts are of particular interest.

Mana Motuhake is important to us here at Ngā Aho Whakaari. Key elements of this is to make sure you have the authority, the responsibility, and the permission to use the elements in your film, or tell this story.


Ngā Aho Shorts exists to provide a platform for tangata whenua & ground-breaking stories to the global film landscape. Our mission is to support kaupapa driven film and screen makers with a strong voice and sense of contribution to the evolution of Māori films. Join the alumni of growing Te Ao Māori In screen.

The contracted production teams will include;

A Writer
A Director
A Producer
A Kaitiaki Reo & Tikanga - projects identified as containing reo Māori, tikanga and Māori cultural elements will require a te reo Māori and tikanga consultant.

There may be variations on the above (e.g Writer/Director or Co-Producers) but the team must comprise a producer who is separate to the director.

In encouraging the development for Kaitiaki Reo & Tikanga into the film space, projects identified as containing reo Māori, tikanga and Māori cultural elements will require this role to be additional to the writer, director, producer.

At least two of the key creatives must whakapapa Māori and are NZ residents.

The Producer must also have a registered company by which to contract.

NB: Additional people working on the film such as key HOD’s, cast & crew members are not required to meet the above eligibility requirements.

If you have questions or you would like to discuss these eligibility requirements please email

Production Budgets

Each commissioned production team will work with the Ngā Aho Shorts Team who will executive produce the series.

Each production will have a contracted budget of $25,000 which will be provided to the production teams in instalments to finance their films from pre-production to final cut. In addition, $5,000 will be awarded for fluent projects to support reo in scripting for screen, onset tautoko, subtitles and transcript deliverables.

Production Mentors & Script Consultants

Teams will be supported by Ngā Aho Shorts through wānanga and hui at each stage. Kāhui Ariki and Pae Matua who are leaders in our industry will be part of supporting this kaupapa at different stages.

These include Tearepa Kahi, Tweedie Waititi, Chelsea Winstanley, Briar Grace-Smith, Toby Mills, Reikura Kahi

Teams may suggest an experienced practitioner for mentorship in their proposal.

Availability for Key Production Events

Production teams will need to be able to commit sufficient time and availability to complete their productions in accordance with the Nga Aho Shorts production schedule. In addition to being available to meet the needs of their own productions, this will also mean being available for the following timeline.

Timeline for Nga Aho Shorts (2023)

  • Application Deadline: 10 November 2022
  • Application Assessments: 10 - 16 November 2022
  • Successful Outcomes: 24 November 2022
  • Completion of Delivery Requirements: July 2023
  • Premiere, Promotion and Online Release: August - September 2023


Please email any enquiries about this Request for Proposals to

Before emailing your enquiry - make sure to check out our FAQ page, and see if your question has already been answered there.