Membership in Constitution


  1. Any Māori who has a minimum of two years experience in the industry is eligible to apply for membership  
  1. Application for membership shall be considered by a membership sub-committee. 
  1. Those who are deemed to be ineligible for membership may apply to be a “Friend” or “Associate” of the Society. Friends are entitled to attend Society activities (unless for whatever reason the activity is restricted to members only). A friend shall be entitled to present but not vote at General Meetings of the Society, and friends shall not be eligible for election to the Executive. Friends may be eligible for appointment to any Committee. Friends may be non-Māori.  Associates are Māori who do not have two years’ minimum experience in the industry, including students and the whānau of Members.  
  1. Every application for membership or status as a Friend or Associate shall be accompanied by a prescribed membership fee and made in writing or on-line in the prescribed form to the Administrator of the Society.  
  1. Membership shall be on an annual basis and a Member / Friend / Associate of the Society shall cease if her / his subscription is unpaid after one month from their annual renewal date.  
  1. The annual subscriptions of members, friends and associates shall be determined from time to time by the Executive of the Society.  
  1. Each member undertakes to act in accordance with the Rules and Policies of the Society.  
  1. A member who fails to comply with the Rules and Policies of the Society may incur a period of suspension by a majority vote of the Executive, such a suspension being subject to appeal to a General Meeting of the Society.  
  1. Any member may terminate her / his membership by notice in writing to the Secretary. The Society shall be entitled to retain the balance of such membership fee outstanding.  

 Nga Aho Whakaari employs the following values:-   We value and respect the intrinsic mana, tapu, Mauri and hau of all the whanau whanui in Nga Aho Whakaari and strive to ensure that te wairua o tenei huanga is created and sustained on this basis  We are committed to and respect the bonds of kinship and sense of belonging to whanau and in our wider communities   

  • Wairuatanga 
  • Whanaungatanga 
  • Rangatiratanga  
  • Matauranga  
  • Manaakitanga  Whakapapa  
  • Mana  
  • Aroha  
  • Pono  
  • Ture  
  • Karakia, Waiata 
  • Te Reo me Nga Tikanga   

We are committed to striving for and continuing to provide the highest standards of dynamic and strategic leadership and the responsible governance and management of our resources. 

We venerate the knowledge and wisdom of our forebears, and accept our responsibility to contribute to these baskets of knowledge.   

We value and support the right to challenge ourselves and each other in constructive ways as we continue on our path of collective progression.   

We acknowledge our intrinsic linkages to our tupuna and mokopuna, both within our whanau, hapu, iwi and our industries.  

We value and respect the individual and collective potentiality intrinsic in all those involved in Nga Aho Whakaari, and will strive to build and embed professionalism and excellence into all that we do amongst ourselves and within our networks.   

We will continue to measure ourselves through expressing aroha and compassion towards our whanau and all others.   

We appreciate and value honesty and will strive for transparency and accountability in all that we do as individuals and as a collective whanau.   

We will uphold the dignity, humility, integrity and credibility of all the individuals in our whanau, acknowledging and respecting the diverse views of our collective.   

We value and are determined to ensure continued excellence in all that is done, particularly respecting karakia and waiata.   

Underpinning all these values, we acknowledge te tangata, te reo me nga tikanga Maori, and are eternally committed to embracing, protecting, nurturing and advancing our taonga to standards of excellence.